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Are you struggling with your own body or health issues even though you're suppose to be a "expert"?

Are you coping with your shame and stress through uncontrolled or hyper-controlled eating, exercising or substance abuse?

Are your feeling disconnect from your clients because you are showing up fulling?

Are you burnt out from trading time for dollars and not having the impact you know you could?

I'm Alli Waddell & I help wellness professional own their shame and their story to heal themselves, connect with their clients and work together to transform the world of wellness from aesthetic BS to lasting, soul-driven self and health care.  

I was you 4 years ago, burnt out from over 12 year in the wellness industry, struggling with a  decade's long battle with bulimia, knowing that I had more to give and hating myself (and my body) for not allowing me to do it.

I was choosing clients that weren't ready to change and getting pissed when they didn't.  I was financially holding on by a thread, scared to ask for what I was worth because I thought I wasn't worth shit. The fraud police were knocking at my door and yelling at me every chance they got, reminding me how what a liar I was and if anyone ever found out the disaster my life had become I would not only lose my business but I might lose my life.


Your Struggle is Your Superpower!

This might seem like complete BS, a reality that you can not even imagine but it's true. The demons that you are battle now can become the angels that rescue your life and your business. Here are just a few of the things I've found during my work with wellness professionals:

  • We got into this business because we had an unhealthy relationship with our bodies, our eating and/or our workouts. Fix fix others, so we don't have to fix ourselves.

  • We feel like complete frauds selling the idea of health while we kill ourselves and don't follow our own rules.

  • We work hard & party harder to numb out, hide out & check out of what is really going on and use substance (legal & illegal) to maintain our outward projection that we are at pinnacle health.

  • We pick clients that we judge for not succeeding because it's easier than deal with our own shit.

  • We stay small and stuck in out business because the stress of expansion feels like too much to handle.

This paradigm of WellPros on pedestals and clients on below is breaking our industry. It's creating a mass of sick, scared WellPros and disempowered & diseased clients. If our goal as an industry is to make the work a healthier place WE ARE FAILING! NO REP!

The New World of Wellness

It starts with you.

It starts with me. 

It starts with all of us holding ourselves to a higher standard. Taking a stand and being brave enough to say enough is enough. I'm choosing to heal myself because it is the only way I can heal others. I'm choosing to be vulnerable because when I'm brave others will follow. I'm choosing to share my story because it empowers other to know that they can do it too.

You are a perfect fit for the Badass Biz Blueprint if…..

  • You are ready to transform yourself, your clients and the world of wellness.

  • You are ready to have a business that is in alignment with you values and gives you purpose and meaning.

  • You are ready to heal yourself, own your shit and become a powerful leader in the industry.

So think about it….

If not now then when?

If not you then who?

If not this then what?

If you are ready to finally create (with a ton of support, love & fun) the a business and life that you love, schedule a complimentary Badass Biz Breakthrough Session