Happy, Healthy & Hot Group Program

Happy, Healthy & Hot Group Program


Do you feel like you are out of your healthy routine? First off, please know, it happens to EVERYONE at one time or another!! Including me! When I moved to Cali 5 years ago I was 'off' my game for almost 3 years and actually until I moved back to TX in 2016.

I will empower and support you in making lasting mental, nutritional and physical transformations through tips, trick and daily practices. This is the anti-QUICK FIX! These small changes, implemented over time will change how you feel about yourself, how you interact with those around you and how you look and feel in your body. 

Happy, Healthy & Hot Transformation - 8 weeks to transform your mind and body

  • Weekly Wellness Tips of Transformation Videos
  • 3 custom workouts per week
  • 3 days of menu planning/shopping - sent every Saturday for the following week
  • Weekly checkin for accountability & feedback
  • Private Facebook group to meet & share experiences with other Wellness Posse members 
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The good news is, is you have it in you. You've felt what it's like to be living your BEST, healthiest self, so you can get it back, you just need to figure out what the external motivation is going to be until it become routine again. The main motivator for most are: financial, ego, vanity, or an event. For almost everyone, when they get out of alignment with wellness it'll take 30-45 days to see / feel better which will then be motivation in & of itself but until then think hard about what would make you make the best choices.

Joining the Wellness Posse will get you back on the wellness wagon by motivating you:

  1. Financially - Paying for the progam  
  2. Ego - Accountable to someone (me) through weekly calls / skype sessions
  3. Vanity - Programs are tailored to your goals which makes them easy to stick & show results quickly