Healthy & Hot Nutritional Program

Healthy & Hot Nutritional Program


Do you have a LOVE/HATE relationship with food & your body? Do you want to look great clothes but even better naked? Are you spending hours in the gym and not getting the results you want?

Yeah, me too!!

For over 15yrs I tried to death grip my body into shape, going on every fad fitness diet, doing hours of cardio & hating my body and myself in the process. But here's the great news: It doesn't need to be that way! I"m here to help you create the body, life and diet that feel good and allow you to look and perform your best. Because the truth is:

That strong, lean & fit physique you are dreaming of is made in the kitchen and have a lot more to do with what's going on between your ears than the calories on the treadmill. 

Give me 8 weeks and let me get you Healthy & Hot with an eating program that is easy to follow, will not make you HANGRY & will get you REAL results. 

This is NOT a one size fits all eating program! We will discuss your goals, your lifestyle and I will create a customized eating program that will get you looking and feeling your best.  No quick fixes or short-term, juice fasting here! Together we will work to find a program that you can stick for the longterm for lasting results. 

The Happy & Healthy Nutritional Program includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Review of any pre-program metabolic testing
  • Daily eating guideline that are easy to follow
  • List of 20 simple & delicious meals
  • 4 - 15mins checkins & program modification 
  • Supplement list
  • The list of my fav nutritional articles, podcast and books, so that you can educate yourself on what you're eating and why are are eating it. 
  • Access to my nutritional mindset video series to get your mind right about what you're putting in your mouth


Weekly Recipes & Shopping List - $50

Family Style Fit Meal Delivery - $120+ depending on order

Training Review & Guidance - $150

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Who knew, in only 8 weeks, I could completely transform my relationship with food & how I look and feel in my body! Thank you Alli
— Colette (42)