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Wellness Expert, Coach & Business Mentor

Everything You've Been Told About Wellness is BS!

Wellness Industry Disruptor & Leader of the Wellness Posse

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Alli Waddell’s expertise in the wellness industry comes from 16 years exploring what empowers people to create and maintain healthy and happy lifestyles. Through her own process of self healing, self testing and self love, she has discovered that there’s not a singular path to living a healthy life. Each path is unique to each person and personal transformation is a lifelong, vulnerable pursuit. Her mission is to be a lifeline of empowerment. She stands for radical honesty and self love, and believes that "only when we heal ourselves can we heal the world"

Talking Topics

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  • Fitness and Nutrition 

  • Wellness Mindset & Lifestyle

  • Personal & Family Mindfulness Practices

  • Eating Disorder / ED Recovery

  • Shame & Vulnerability 

  • Personal Growth 


Signature Talks

The Inconsistency Cure

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The 6 Step Solution for a Lasting Healthy Body & Life

Overwhelming Wellness

Why our wellness culture is keeping you stuck, confused and continuously failing

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

How owing your story, taking responsibility and dealing with your shit can transform your life and your community.